An Integral Yoga Practice that follows the Moon’s Cycle

Nature’s Rhythm Yoga is based on traditional Hatha yoga and comprised of four themed classes that attune you to the Moon’s cycle. With the elements of nature, the classes will take you into the flow and coach you to tune in to the rhythm of what make up the whole of our existence.

The Phases of Moon

  • New moon class theme

    Every New Moon, we have the opportunity to manifest a new beginning in our lives, a chance to awaken and walk towards a new step of our destiny. At this phase, it is like the smallest bud on the bush is preparing to open and flower at the ripening time. When we come together, with an intention to grow, we are inviting the universe to give us direction, so our efforts are enhanced.

    PRACTICE: Yoga for grounding, clearing the past, setting boundaries to nurture self and to come more deeply into the present moment where we access more joy.

  • Waxing moon class theme

    At the Waxing Moon phase, we power up our intentions by putting the action behind what we are focusing our efforts on.  This phase is the seed bursting upwards through the soil into the light, without due care and attention the shoot, or your intention, can get crushed by various distractions.  Assist your dreams to manifest with your passion for transformation and personal power.  You are RESILIENT.  Your warrior self moves purposefully, energising your whole body, adding the fuel to power up your intentions. Remember what you focus on expands.  Inner strength requires a balance between action and stillness.

    PRACTICE: Yoga to stimulate your inner light and radiance.  Cleanse and purify and open up the energy pathways to power up the Intentions you made at the New Moon.

  • Full moon class theme

    The Full Moon time is a time of flowering.  A time of expansiveness, gratitude and appreciation that attracts further abundance… By taking our attention out of the mind and into the heart, our worries and fears become a thing of the past.  By tuning in with the heart, we can smile and tune into your inner wisdom – your in-tuition. Having compassion and affection for ourselves and all living beings, tunes our vibration to ATTRACT more of the same.  We started off setting our intentions, and then we put the power and action behind those intentions, and now for the Full Moon class, we come to the most expansive and creative phase.

    PRACTICE:  Yoga to honour your inner teacher, heart wisdom and body.  Practices to rebalance, develop more flexibility, connect you with your Truth, creativity, authenticity, and opening to more playfulness and laughter.

  • Waning moon class theme

    At the time of the Waning Moon, comes the space to be creative.  Relinquish all former limitations and lovingly steer your mind towards what it is you want in your life.  Harness your energies, and re-group, re-focus on what is working for you and what is working against you.  Keep your energies flowing, moving beyond any obstacles, with a loving acceptance of what is – of ALL that is.

    PRACTICE: Yoga to re-align, and invoke openness and lightness.  A revision of previous weeks that includes additional inverted postures, with an emphasis of directing energy through the body meridians.


Are you ready to commit to your transformational well-being goals?


Open to your creativity, become fully YOU in this moment.

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Personal discovery with
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Yoga holiday to Turkey. 04-11 June 2018

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