A new exciting fun challenging workout where all age groups can take part in getting a full body workout.

The class is a 45 min working out moving to the rhythmical Reggae Dance Hall Music. Sitting on the Swiss ball burns calories, moving on the Swiss ball burns even more calories.
Easy aerobics movements combined With strength and core exercises for the upper body, gives a great blend of ingredients that challenges the body physically and mentally. Like no other workout on the Stability ball.

Sunday 12 November
Call to sign up or for more information

▪️11.15am – 12noon
Roll and Smile
Using the foam roller to: – Re(establish a maximal pain-free, freedom of movement of the myofascial-skeletal system(muscles) – Re(establish a better postural balance as well as a targeted reduction of muscular imbalance. – actively helping to boost fitness and well-being.

▪️12.15 – 1pm
MeggaBall workout is a high octane functional core training class, on the Stability ball. Which incorporates an aerobic routine with muscular strength and co-ordination for the upper and lower body to pulsating rhythms of dance beat.

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