Research shows that mainstream music, that we are subjected to daily, may well be unharmonious for us and this actually creates dissonance in the human body and the surrounding energy field, “they literally disconnect us from our natural resonance. Sacred sound frequencies can quickly bring you back in tune with your true nature.

So… Has it been a deliberate act to bombard us with dissonance via mainstream music? I will let you decide on that one. Either way, we have plenty of healthy choices to keep our energy and our physical body clear, available to us now…We now have full access to these wholistic alternatives and can decide what we choose to listen to, the more aware we are of our choices, based on our gut level feeling and the gage of our emotions, the easier it becomes.

When you explore a more natural organic way, you will discover what feels good… It is always better to go with your feelings about something rather than to ‘try’ and ”think too much about it” and that is another thing listening to sacred sounds can help with… The solfeggio frequencies help get us out of our mind to bring our focused attention onto our body so we can literally feel more in tune with ourself.

NATURE’S RHYTHM YOGA incorporates the sacred sounds of the solfeggio frequencies to assist in unifying the elements that make up our whole being. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether and Love together can help transmute energetic blocks on our journey of awakening. The process of remembering helps us reconnect with the timeless place where our true self resides.

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