Nature rhythm yoga has become an integral part of my weekly life. Although a relatively in experienced yoga student I have found Andreas teaching inspiring and life affirming. Recommended to all !
Vic johnstone, London ( 28 Oct 2014)
Yoga for me has always been via DVD and home taught. I started Andreas Tuesday class to help me progress further. Her knowledge and teaching style has helped me further my understanding of yoga. I suffer with lower back pain and have found Andreas yoga class has helped strengthen my back. I look forward to class each week.
Barry Oneill, Chingford ( 17 Apr 2013)
I have been attending weekly Andreas yoga class. Following the moon cycle. The class is small and helps me to benefit greatly in the understanding of the yoga moves their meanings and with Andrea to hand to help you position correctly I feel I have improved both physically and spiritually. Andrea is a calming soul dedicated to her work and helping others on their journey.
Lorraine Oneill, Chingford ( 17 Apr 2013)
Andrea is always open to allowing an exploration of issues that come up at sessions and working through these. She has a great skill in pinpointing the seed of the issue, and explaining the different ways it is affecting your life. Andrea is always sensitive to how you feel, and this allows you to work at a pace that suits you. Thank you, Andrea, for your support 🙂
Gav, Camden ( 16 Apr 2013)
Really enjoy the way Andrea teaches her Yoga classes ,it's in a completely original way following the moon cycle, so relaxing and uplifting, just love it !!!!
Betty, London (14 May 2009)
I initially attended this Moon Cycle yoga class as a complete novice, and, I must confess, more than a little sceptical about the potential benefits. Having now enjoyed 5/6 sessions, I can honestly say that I am now an enthusiastic convert, convinced of the all round improvement in my physical and spiritual well being. Andrea is an excellent teacher who manages to inspire aspirations to achieve total serenity of body and mind. She is a very intelligent individual who appears to be able to effortlessly translate some of the more complicated routines into an easily understandable sequence of movements for the novice. If you desire to seek a window of contentment and spiritual awakening amidst the turmoil and stress of your everyday life, look no further.
Andrew Casey, Fordpark Properties LTD, London (13 May 2009)
Great class. I would recommend it to everyone. Great for the mind, body and soul. I absolutely love the class and have benefited heaps!!!
Debmac, London ( 12 May 2009)
I've attended these classes, and have learned a great deal in all aspects of yoga. This instructor is brilliant, she goes over everything in such detail that I had no problem understanding and of the postures and breathing techniques. She is very intuitive with the astrological chart, and she looked mine up and explained the aspects of my planetary alignments and how it has been effecting my personality characteristics. By understanding this knowledge I know how the planet alignments have been effecting my emotions. I highly recommend yoga training with this instructor. Andrea has helped me clarify so much that's been going on in my life, and I now have my own personal plan that she structured for me from our one-on-one sessions. Her yoga class is great, laid back and fun! I never miss any of her classes. If you are seeking a loving helpful yoga teacher, look no further, go to her website and see when her classes are, or contact her for one-on-one sessions if you want to go deeper into gaining information on all aspects of your being.
Justin Holt, London (9 May 2009)
Throughly enjoy Andrea's classes. She has a very calming manner and excellant yoga knowledge.
Hayley Reinhart, London (8 May 2009)
My boyfriend and I have been enjoying private Yoga classes for a month now from Infin8space Yoga. We both have found the classes hugely beneficial to us in our lives for flexibility and mind, body and soul connections. In particular, I have been impressed by the way the tutor, Andrea, has used her incredible insight to judge the way we can work most effectively by listening to us, what we are going through day to day and how she tailors the class to our specific needs both physically and spiritually. Amazing. I am so pleased to have met this remarkable woman Andrea, and am excited at our continuing work together and journey ahead with Infin8space Yoga.
Sarah Eyden, London (8 May 2009)
Andrea is such a wonderful human being that I am blessed to attend Yoga classes under her instruction. The experience cannot be measured in monetary terms.
Damani de Silva, London ( 5 May 2009)
By far the best Yoga Teacher I have come across in over 40 years of practice. Knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Moon Cycles and Yoga Nidra is extensive,breathwork and meditation give you amazing energy and wellbeing. I really cannot recommend these Yoga classes highly enough.
Julie, David Barry Outlet, Ilford (5 May 2009)
Have been to a few Moon Cycle Workshops and classes which I greatly enjoyed. Lots of printed information received to expand your personal practice which is very helpful. Plus Andrea is a very accomplished teacher! I am more than happy to use this Company again - very pleased.
Kath Hughes, London (5 May 2009)