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‘Om Namah Shivaya’ – (I bow and honor this aspect and truth of the life experience and potential)

Know… that all that you may see crumbing, dissolving, dying, or changing form–
All challenges, transitions, etc….. are only for the most beautiful resurrection, surprise, gift and blossom on the other side. Sometimes immediately, simultaneously.

I am not the mind, nor the intellect.. I am not the ego nor memory, not ether, air, fire, water or earth… I am only consciousness and bliss – Truth

I am Shiva.
Who is Shiva?
It is an aspect within you…  look deeper!

Shiva- the “destroyer of evil; the great transformer” within Shiva- the Supreme being (holy spirit in you) who creates, protects and transforms the Universe (and your universe within)… and yet, there is no Shiva without SHAKTI!

I am Shakti
Shakti- The goddess… the energy and creative power of each (Shiva+Shakit)

Together with Parvati, also the equal complementary partner of Shiva.
Parvati…The Goddess of fertility, love and devotion;
divine strength and power…
The gentle and nurturing aspect (divine trinity aspect).

Think of it like the Holy Trinity.
All three aspects together result in being the totality of your expansive nature, your creativity.

– Words by dear sister and inspirational yoga teacher Anita Sananda

Morning all…
Remember to stop what you are doing and pause for a short breather.

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