deep-breathWe live in a time where humans are trying to be smarter than nature, where there are talks of banning the use of herbs and natural remedies from the population; only to chemically imitate them, where some of us are not listening to our body and its needs, blindly following the latest food trends. A healthy diet which used to be so accessible and affordable has now become so expensive. However, there is one thing that is always healing, nurturing, and so simple that it often gets overlooked…. It is our breath.

The next time that you can’t sleep, change your breathing pattern and observe yourself for a few cycles. Breathe through your nose to the count of four, and hold it, letting the oxygen nourish your organs to the count of seven, and breathe out through your mouth counting to eight. The first time it may feel a bit unnatural but with practice, you will come to a transition point, and reap the many benefits.

Did you know that breath can be alkalising or acidising? Shallow breathing causes the acid in our body to build, and at the same time the decrease of the amount of oxygen leaves the levels of Carbon dioxide (CO2) accumulate in your cells. High level of CO2 decrease pH, which leads to acidification of the blood. Proper deep breathing improves circulation, detoxifies your body, calms the nervous system and relaxes you and yet at the same time it also enlivens you. It is important to remember that most of the illnesses and dis-ease we experience comes from having an imbalance of too much acid in our body.

Alexander Lowen stated that “Life is a matter of breath”


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