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Personal discovery through Somatic Counselling

Somatic counselling, individual sessions, offer a space where you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

These sessions are for anyone looking to explore and gain further understanding, for those who are open to discover an alternative way of overcoming any challenges that life may bring. You may be looking for innovative ways that will enable you to improve and maintain your health, a professional looking to enhance performance, heal an injury, someone seeking to address a chronic pain or old trauma.

Our body uses an inbuilt self-regulating and self-healing mechanism in order to survive which is constantly adjusting itself to the environment it is exposed to. The way balance is regained in our life is a completely unique process for each individual.

Each one of us is wired up to act in a certain way according to our innate qualities, our “blueprint” as well as the learned ways and habits that we grow accustomed to through our upbringing and personal experiences. Identifying what limits us in our life, give us the choice to change what is happening within it. This is a powerful way to reconnect with our intuition and with new insights, to understand the messages our bodies are constantly giving us, yet we often choose to put to one side.

“Focusing on our life force – our energy, will enable us to regain our balance for higher living.”

How I work…

Andrea always works with her clients observing full client confidentiality. She works intuitively and sensitively, using dialogue, movement, breath work, voice exercises, sound therapy and integral yoga to access the chakras – the sacred centres of the body & spiritual self. Astrology can be used, where further insight is required and the intrinsic connection of the body, mind, and soul are supported.

When we cultivate our heart wisdom and compassion, it can bring amazing changes: the healing of past trauma and painful emotional states as we discover our true essential nature.

Often what we need, is a space to listen to the messages received from our body, to feel our emotions, our heart and then we can directly experience life as it is, in the present, meeting ourselves in our own precious heart, no matter what is happening at any given moment. The unravelling and de-programing of our conditioned mind patterns can offer a profound level of healing and reconnection.

What to expect…

We can all feel what is in our heart, and we do. What is often overlooked, are the subtleties of attention that is involved to activate the alchemy of the heart. Following our passion, allows us to navigate our way forward as self-empowered and confident, enriched creators of our own life, we can reach out towards our life with joy. I see this as an amazing gift of grace, a wave that continuously gives, endlessly.

The consultation and further sessions work with your body’s own wisdom and ancient knowledge. Any specific questions you may have can be looked into, and any information shared remains strictly confidential. Where necessary, you may also be advised in other areas of expertise. e.g. dietary, herbal remedies, sound therapy, essential oils and so on, that may assist you to come into a more balanced state. 

With my ongoing support and guidance, you will be introduced into the art of going within using Antar mouna (sacred silence) meditation, resonance and chakra practice, as well as ongoing support in monitoring your progress and your overall wellbeing.

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