The Practice

chandra.cropThe cycles teach us that the primary principle of life is to flow in acceptance of opposites: light and dark, high and low, hot and cold. Harmony is to be with it and feel it all. Slowing down to listen to our own natural rhythms instantly connects us to the world and our aliveness. When we listen to these rhythms, they inform us when to be active, and when to rest and so we remain vital. Awareness of the cycles opens a doorway that enables self-mastery and the art of surrender.

Ultimately, when we are fully engaged with all spectrums of life, we are able to have a deeper understanding of our true self. We learn that we have nothing to fear, when we are in the flow and are present – bearing witness to our own life experience. To the contrary, we learn it is in fact very comforting and it is only the resisting of nature and its cycles that causes us pain and discomfort. By being present, our creativity naturally happens and our feelings expose the realisation that – All is indeed One.